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How To Creating Web Icons

When you need to create web icons, most of the time, you aren't going to automatically create something that's great and will work forever and ever - you're going to go through a bit of trial and error. So the question that you might be asking is - what exactly can you do in order to get your web icons perfect?

First of all, you need to do a bit of research. You can't automatically create great icons. Most of the time, it takes a bit more work than this. So the question is - what exactly can you do in order to create a great icon? Well, first of all, look over other web icons that are online. Look at really popular sites and check out their icons.

One of the first things that you are going to notice is that they have really, really simple icons. These icons may not look like much at first, but you have to understand that's the idea. Think of it this way:

Web icons and computer icons are preferential to file names because you can remember them a lot easier. Have you ever played a game on the computer, sat back, and then forgotten what the name was. If it has a typical, generic icon, then there's a chance that you won't remember it. However, if you have an icon that represents just that particular program or site, there's a chance that your users will be able to remember at least that, as opposed to not remembering anything at all. You want to have a simpler, easier to recognize icon.

The reason is the same as above - it's easier to remember. But you have to keep in mind that you also don't want to have web icons that aren't really a lot of fun...but you also want to be able to take your icon and have a user try to find your website later on and think "Hey, I remember that icon! I'm on the right site!"

The best way to create an icon is to look into an icon editor. On one hand, you could just use paint...except you're unlikely to get exactly what you want out of it. Not to mention that people are putting a lot less emphasis on two d web icons. While they're more acceptable than two d computer icons, try to do what you can in order to create a three d icon. It'll make your site look better and it'll make it easier to remember.

Keep in mind that simplicity is best, as stated above. Try to examine other icons to get a good idea of what's popular and what colors go well together.

Make sure that when you buy your icon editor or download a free one that you take your time to check a see if they have any free images packages. While it may not seem like such a big deal, you have to understand that these images packages will help you get on your way to designing your web icons.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 Red Patent Shoes for Women

Throughout the centuries, red has never lost its significance and charm for ladies of all ages, cultures and positions. No matter, how old women are and what profession they are in, red has always been a favorite among them. Red is associated with women and their beauty, thus it is always seen as a common color in ladies' accessories, clothes, shoes and cosmetics. Talking about red shoes, they are commonly observed to have worn by top models, high professional ladies and even common women. If we specifically talk about red patent shoes, we will see that these shoes are the favorite among most women that love fashion and are conscious about their taste.

These shoes are especially manufactures to satisfy the stylish women, who have a perfectly fashionable choice. Red shoes can be worn for formal and as well as informal functions. Teenagers and young girls love wearing them to dates, college functions and prom nights, while women prefer wearing them to shopping, wedding parties, business meetings and such other casual and non-casual gatherings.

Patent leather has the most classic and attractive look than absolutely any other material which can be used in the manufacturing of the shoes. The beautiful shine of this leather makes it look charming and graceful. When you are going for patent shoes, always make sure that high quality of patent leather has been used in the making of the pair that you like to pick. Topnotch patent leather shines even after years of use. It can be cleaned and wiped wet easily and are never out of fashion, no matter what the season is.

They are available in different styles and heel sizes. There are pairs with red patent straps that can be tied over the ankle and a little above to your legs. The shoes of this style are popular among young girls and teenagers. There are also many with as high a heel as 6 inches. These are famous among ballroom and salsa dancers. Medium size and low heels, as well as flat shoes are even available to match your style and preference.

2014 Shoes Trends For Girls

High heels make women feel glamorous and sexy. However, it is important that they select the right pairs because when they choose the wrong ones, they will only spoil the desired effect. For this reason, it is essential for buyers to establish a number of factors in order to select the right shoes for girls.

• Determine the Heel length
Before choosing ladies fashion shoes, the buyers need to determine the length of the heel. By determining the heels, they will get rid of the chances of toppling over when walking or exposing them to pain and agony. The right length of the heel will depend on the specific buyer, and their intention. For buyers who want to look alluring and powerful, heel lengths from 3 inches and above are ideal.

• Select the right size
One mistake most buyers make is selecting the wrong size of heels, thus causing different problems not only to their feet but also their posture. When putting on these shoes, the size of the heel will push the feet forward in the shoe causing pain in case the shoes were not the right size. It is for this reason that buyers must take their time and effort to measure their feet, and then take the shoes for girls that are a size larger so that they avoid the onion bunion effect. For those buying shoes with heels between 2 and 31/2 inches, a ½ size larger is ideal; for heels between 4-6 inches, the ideal size is one size larger and for 6 1/2 inches heels the best is 1 ½ sizes larger.

• Closed Or Open
Buyers need to determine whether they want a closed or an open pair of ladies fashion shoes. They are advised to avoid the pairs that will force them to jam their foot into shoes or those that force their toes close together, as this will only lead to sausage toes. In such a case, buyers should opt for the open toe footwear because they will not experience any discomfort in their toes.

• Practice standing in them
Putting the right pair of heels will make the user's legs look great, and in order to make the best out of the experience, buyers are encouraged to stand in them before they start walking. They are required to practice standing in the shoes for a couple of minutes daily so that the feet get accustomed to the shoes, stretching the pairs to the feet's shape. Since walking in these pairs is an adjustment to many people- for both their feet and their whole body- buyers are advised to practice walking in them for almost 20 minutes daily especially in the evening.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Shoes You Wear for 2013 Fashion Trends

WHAT style shoe should I wear? Is this my correct size? How can I tell if the shoes are really well made? These questions and many more must be answered each time a pair of shoes is selected and bought.

It is important to answer these questions wisely, for the purchase of a new pair of shoes can have a profound effect on a person's overall health and happiness. Ill-fitting footwear can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, even leading to headaches, backaches and leg cramps. To a large degree, painful foot ailments such as corns, nail troubles, toe deformities and flat feet can be avoided by a careful selection of footwear.

A person may walk over 75,000 miles in a lifetime. 'Why not walk those miles in comfort?

Do Not Sacrifice Comfort for Style

How, then, should one go about buying shoes? Unfortunately, many choose shoes for style rather than for comfort. More often than not, this type of buying leads to considerable pain. Further, the owner will probably cast off the shoes, being no longer able to endure this form of self-torture in the interest of fashion.

In some cases serious problems and foot deformities can result if fashion is the primary factor in selecting one's shoes. For example, some years ago the style was pointed toes, and in this regard a letter was printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer under the heading "What Price Style? Girl Paid Too Much--Loss of Two Toes." The letter said:

"Like most girls I wanted to be in fashion and bought the shoes that everyone was wearing. The pointed toes and high heels were uncomfortable, but I thought that this was the price of style. You can realize how shocked I was when I went to a doctor because of painful feet and was told that I would have to have two toes amputated. This was a year ago, and since then I have heard of many other girls who have lost one or two toes."

So, in buying shoes, do not sacrifice comfort for style. Select appropriate shoes for 'the purpose for which they will be used: walking, working, casual, special occasions, or constant wear.

Be Sure of the Right Fit

You can buy good shoes but still end up with painful feet if you are not careful to get a good fit. Helpful in this regard is checking the time of day before you buy a pair of shoes. Why? Because if it is very early in the morning, you may not get the right fit. Since feet tend to swell somewhat as the day wears on, it is wise to buy shoes in the late afternoon. Remember, too, that hot weather will cause one's feet to expand.

Many persons find it desirable to have their feet measured when purchasing new shoes. For one thing, sizes may vary with different makes of shoes. Some have found, too, that it is wise to stand while their feet are being measured. The foot will expand, and one is more likely to get a better all-round fit. Further, since one foot is likely to be slightly larger than the other, have both feet measured and pick a size to fit the larger foot.

Heels should be snug but not tight. Also the height and shape of the heel need to be considered, especially in women's shoes. Women generally have four times as much foot trouble as men, largely because of high-heeled shoes. The higher the heel, the more the body is projected forward, and to maintain balance the body is bent backward at the hips. This is unnatural and results in a variety of leg and back problems if unreasonably high heels are worn over an extended period of time. Generally speaking, heels should not be higher than one and a half inches and should produce a good broad base on which to stand. Almost naillike or so-called "spike" heels are not conducive to good foot care and posture.

The widest part of your foot should spread easily across the widest part of the shoe. There should be enough room for the toes to lie straight, and the shoe should be a little longer than the longest toe. If you cannot wiggle your toes to some extent, the shoe is too small. When shoes are too tight or too short, toes may be forced back into an inverted V position called hammertoe, a common deformity. A shoe ought to be comfortable when you buy it; it is unwise to rely on a "breaking in" process to ensure comfort.

After buying a pair of shoes, you can try them on again at home, but walk only on a rug. If you have doubts about the fit, you may be able to exchange your purchase.

Children's Shoes

Special care should be given to the selection of children's shoes. Ill-fitting shoes are the most common cause of foot trouble among children and teen-agers. The problem often is that they outgrow their shoes. In this regard, The World Book Encyclopedia points out:

"In children from 2 to 6 years old, shoe sizes change every 4 to 8 weeks. From 6 to 10 years, sizes change every 2 or 3 months. Children from 12 to 15 should have their shoe sizes checked every 4 months. Children over 15 years old should have shoe sizes checked about every 6 months until their feet are fully developed."

Many parents who have children that rapidly outgrow their shoes rather than wearing them out find that an inexpensive brand of shoes serves the purpose. When buying them, one can feel inside the shoes and check for rough edges that could cause discomfort.

The feet of children are growing and need careful attention to prevent deformities in later life. In the United States the American Medical Association estimates that 50 to 80 percent of children have some foot defects. So it is good to leave some "growing room" when selecting children's shoes, possibly three quarters of an inch of space in the toe area. Watch for signs of wear developing in one place consistently, for this may indicate that the shoes are too small or poorly fitted and could produce foot abnormalities. It usually is not a good policy to pass shoes down from one child to the next, for shoes mold themselves to the characteristics of the wearer's foot.

Look for Quality and Workmanship

Especially when shoes are for adults, quality and good workmanship are important, because you want them to last. Examine carefully the shoes you plan to buy. Be on the watch for signs of poor and careless construction. On the uppers, loose threads, seams with rough edges and excess bulk, enlarged needle holes and noticeable traces of adhesives are all things to watch for when buying shoes. Also check the sole stitch; if it is uneven and runs off the edge, it is a sign of poor workmanship.

Is the shoe lined? It should be, at least at the top opening, to prevent stretching and friction and to absorb perspiration.

Low-priced shoes are not always a bargain when it comes to durability, appearance and comfort. Really comfortable shoes usually cost more. Do not judge the durability of a shoe by mere thickness of outer soles. Durability depends more on the quality of workmanship and of the leather.

Shoe Care

Important to the shoe's life is proper care. Yet shoes are often one of the most neglected articles in a person's wardrobe. When you buy a new pair of shoes, it is wise to lubricate them with a good polish before wearing them; this will protect the finish.

The first few times that you wear new shoes it is good to be sure that the tongues and laces are smooth and straight. Then they are likely to stay that way for the life of the shoe, but if they are started off crooked, they may stay that way.

A shoehorn helps in putting on shoes, and it is good to loosen the laces when removing them. This prevents seams from ripping and the back from breaking down.

If you have more than one pair of shoes, you can considerably lengthen their life by wearing one pair one day, and a different pair the next day. The airing between wearings helps to prevent perspiration from rotting the leather. As for the shoes not in use, many persons find it beneficial to put a form or shoe tree in them. This prevents curling and wrinkling. However, the type of form used should not cut off the free circulation of air and thus prevent the shoe from airing properly.

From time to time shoes should receive a cleaning. Wash with a moist cloth, sponge or brush, preferably using leather soap. This removes encrusted foreign matter and permits the polish to be worked in more freely. Do not neglect the edge of the sole and heel in the cleaning process. A brisk rub with a cloth warms the leather, making it more receptive to the polish.

Apply a moderate amount of shoe polish and work it in well with an applicator. A powder puff does a fine job as applicator and can often be kept inside a can of polish. Rub the shoe briskly with a polishing cloth. This works the wax into the leather, producing a dry, hard finish and leaving no excess wax. The luster will last for some time and can be renewed by a brisk wiping. To maintain good appearance, repeat this process as often as necessary, possibly once a week if the shoes are worn consistently.

Do not neglect to have heels and soles replaced as needed. Besides looking shabby, run-over heels and shoes out of shape place a strain on the feet.
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Animal Print Shoes | 2013 Women Fashion Trends

Betsey Johnson Caimile animal print pumps

These days, a number of fashion aficionados are beginning to become aware of and have appreciation for leopard print shoes. It is indeed a cool sight to see ladies all dressed up in their remarkable shoes that are covered in leopard or zebra animal print. A number of individuals might consider leopard shoes as an innovation; however, this style of shoe has in fact been in and out of fashion for quite an a few decades. This particular design of shoes typically has varied fortunes depending on current trends; however, leopard print shoes have now become a must have in the wardrobe of a woman. It has earned its place as a fashion classic as a result of its sophistication and enduring elegance. It is an excellent way for a woman to show off a little bit of her wild side, while remaining chic and stylish.

Charles by Charles David animal print pumps

Leopard shoes have been launched from as early as the 1950s. Back then, these shoes were well-suited for the tight bottoms and full skirts that were in style in women's clothing throughout that period of time. As is customary with fashion, trends have a tendency to refer to earlier periods for inspiration and insight; this most likely is responsible for why leopard shoes as well as zebra shoes are once again slowly gaining acceptance. Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian duo, is credited widely for bringing back not only leopard print shoes but a whole range of products with various animal prints back into the spotlight. Dolce & Gabbana put these animal prints on clothing such as skirts coats, and shoes. What was previously considered inelegant, to some extent, has now been slowly gaining acceptance into mainstream fashion, largely as a result of the contribution of Dolce & Gabbana. However, zebra shoes and leopard shoe are definitely polarizing since a number of women just keep away from them like the plague.

Manolo Blahnik animal print strappy sandals

Notwithstanding, leopard shoes are back today and in a big way. The women of today who are fashion-forward are in for a period of excitement; n view of the fact that there are no stringent rules by which to abide nowadays. The key to today's fashion is individuality and therefore individuals can be dressed in whatever it is that they think best suits them. As a result, a number of women are once more turning to 1950s classics, such as leopard shoes as well as other accessories which are modern and clean-cut in design.

Guess Cashy Women Shoes

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Women Shoes Trends For Spring-Summer 2013

Fashionable Wedges Shoe

Sexy High Heels 2013

Shoes are currently becoming the top fashion accessory which is made more obvious by the exotic shoe trends anticipated for spring/summer 2013. Designers have created some of the most stylised shoe styles ever that will force fashionistas to max out their credit cards even in the time of the recession. To help you choose the most fashionable shoes and keep you up to date with the Vitoria Beckhams and Paris Hiltons, here is a quick guide to shoe fashion trends for 2013. Read this to find out about the hottest shoes that'll help you sizzle your way into summer.


Models' legs are becoming even longer as we move further into 2013, not that they need it though, due to the extreme high heels that are dominating the fashion scene. It's been reported that famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin is all set to launch heels higher than 7 inches this spring. Stylists warn that fashion-conscious women will really need to have great balance if they wish to keep up with the shoe fashion trends for 2013 summers.

Stilettos to rule - According to stylists, spindly stiletto heels are to hold their prime position in the shoe world, and this time they are armed with a few extra inches on the heel. Women who are a bit hesitant of the trend will find some solace in the fact that a few inches of a platform are being incorporated into the shoe design in the front of the shoe, so that it makes it easier to manage the thin and very high stiletto heels at the back. Designers giving artistic expression to stiletto heel shoes include Balenciaga, Chado Ralph Rucci, Yves Saint Laurent and DSquared2.

Funky Spring Summer Wedge Heels

Funky High Heel 2013 | 2013 Fashion Trends

Platforms retain their place - Ladies who find it hard to strut in stilettos will be relieved to know that platforms have retained their position as part of the 2013 summer shoe collection. What's more, designers have displayed platform heel shoes that have a classic appeal and are far from boring. Colorful platform pump shoes adorned with fringes are expected to be hugely popular this coming season.

Fanciful Wedge Sandals

Exotic Women Shoes 2013

Exotic feature heels - The most aesthetic part of 2013 spring / summer shoe trends is the arrival of feature heels. Shoes with feature heels are fast becoming popular amongst celebrities. Basically, the heel is not merely a structural support but rather it becomes the most aesthetic and graceful part of the shoe. Some very delicate feature heel shoes have been designed by Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Venetta. According to stylists, it is wise to invest in shoes with feature heels as they are likely to retain their artistic worth for long.

Thick chunky heels and tapered heels - Shoes with thick chunky high heels, wedge heels and tapered heels are also very much a popular choice for spring/summer 2013. Tapered heels start thick at the top and taper down, often with a curve, into a stiletto-esque point at the bottom. Designers promoting these heels include Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, and Chanel.


Peep toe shoes - Open toe or peep toe shoes will be a hot look this summer. Open toed shoes are more popular in pumps and sling back shoes and according to many stylists, peep toe shoes look very seductive as they provide a glimpse of your toe cleavage. Compliment your high heel open toe shoes with a gorgeous skirt or summer dress and really show of those legs of yours.

Pointed toe shoes - Razor sharp pointed toe or peeked toe shoes are also back again in trends. Pointed toe shoes look particularly seductive in pumps and ankle strap sandals. High fashion shoe designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Balenciaga¸ Chado Ralph Rucci etc displayed razor sharp pointed shoes with spindly stiletto heels on runways recently. A-list celebs like Victoria Beckham and Sara Jessica Parker have already embraced the style.


Gladiator Sandals - Both gladiator heels and gladiator sandals are very much in fashion for summer 2009. It is predicted that the heavily strapped and heeled versions of the sandals will be hit amongst girls. For maximum impact, opt for gladiator shoes in knee-high or mid-calf styles in flats or heels and team them with simple outfits like spring shorts or short skirts.

Black-Suede Open Toe Fringe Women Platform Wedge Heel Sandal Shoes

Fringed shoes - The folk inspired fringed shoes that gained entry last winter will still command a strong place in the shoe fashion world. High heel fringe ankle boots with peep toes will be a particularly enticing look this season. Fashionistas recommend a short dress with fringe booties for a seductive bohemian look. Some of the high profile fashion designers who seem to be very much in love with fringes include Gucci, Balmain, and Anna Sui.

Ankle strap shoes - Ankle strap shoes are expected to be a huge hit and in all probability a must have shoe this season. For special occasions opt for ankle strap shoes with sky-high stiletto heels and pointed toes. Some designers are also going for triple ankle strap shoes embellished with buckles. Spikes, chains and studs are further being utilized to enhance the glamour quotient of the shoe. Designers fond of ankle strap shoes include Gucci, Oscar De La Renta and Pucci.

Caged Boots - Caged boots are rated as the most sensational fetish shoes in the current season. Super sexy fashion icons such as Rihanna and Beyoncè have already adorned their feet with a pair of YSL's metal caged booties. Beyoncè was recently also noticed wearing colorful and very innovative caged boots by Balenciaga.
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Salsa Shoes Tips

Womans Red Salsa Dance Shoe Welcome to Salsa Dance Shoes?

Salsa Shoes 

Salsa shoes just like any other shoes are prone to wear and tear. In order to lengthen the life of your shoes and make the most out of them, you need to provide them with proper care. This will help you prolong the life of shoes and save you some money in the long run. If you take good care of your footwear, they will last a long time. You do not want to keep buying new shoes after just a few months. Following these care tips can help you get the most out of them:

Reserve Dance Shoes for Dancing Only

Do not use dance shoes for street or daily wear. The shoes are not made for constant use outside the dance floor. Using it daily for work or play can expose it to a number of harsh elements that could affect the shoes.

Salsa shoes are handcrafted split-leather. That means special care and effort were put into the making of dance footwear to ensure that they perform properly. They can give you balance when you dance. The leather used is lighter than ordinary footwear. Wearing the shoes on the streets can cause undue strain on the light material. Rough floors or pavement and wet weather can easily damage the shoes.

The dance footwear often have napped surface which will enable you to dance better on the floor. If you use it on the streets, the dirt could get in the nap of shoe. If you must have to wear the dance footwear outside then brush it with a steel brush. The brush strokes should go with the nap. If the surface is not restored to normal then you should brush in the direction opposite the nap.

Air the Shoes After Using

The dance footwear must be left to breathe on its own for a minimum of fifteen minutes before you store them in the room. This will allow the sweat to dry. The sweat is an enemy of the leather or suede since it can cause it to become tougher if allowed to stick to the material. The temperature for storing dance shoes should be 18 degrees.

Do not use direct sunlight, blow dry or radiator in drying the wet shoes. This will cause them to wear easily. Instead, let them dry in room temperature usually for 24 hours. That means, you should not use the shoes for the next 24 hours so they can dry completely.

To take care of the hide that has been tanned in the leather, put ordinary skin cream that you use into the shoes. Once the shoes absorbed your skin cream then put spread shoe cream on them. Do not use shoe polish.

Rub the shoes with soft cloth and brush them softly. This will keep the hide of the shoe constantly hydrated. In the process, the leather will not get dry and easily destroyed.

Polish Shoes Often

Suede, nappa and nu-backs require brushing and using a spray protector. This will make them resistant to water. If you want to shoe sole to stay in place, make sure to use suede brush on a suede shoe. Patent footwear needs silicon oil or polish to avoid sticking and cracking.

Keep Shoes in Shape

Men footwear should be placed on shoe-trees if not worn. Use a shoe horn when placing them.

Clean Shoes Regularly

Use the correct cleaning products on your shoes. Suede soles require shoe brush for the nap of the shoes. Brush in the toe to heel direction only. Suede shoes need tooth brush or suede brush. Use suede shampoo to remove stains. Brush shoe front to back then apply suede dressing.

Leather shoes should be polished once a week and cleaned with damp cloth. Nubuck shoes are cleaned with cloth wet with warm water and a little soap. Then brush from front to back before applying nubuck dressing. Patent leather shoes should be cleaned with damp cloth and after drying, a patent dressing. Do not use ordinary shoe polish. Satin salsa shoes require clean cloth. Refrain from using shoe polish and acetone on satin footwear.
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